I trust my essential nature. I let go of all polarities, and I live in the indivisible oneness of the Tao, Goodness and Godness are one, and I trust who I am, a child of The Source

About Us

Welcome to Essential Nature! We, Anna and Randy, are so very thankful for this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Ordained Spiritual Ministers and Reiki Master-Teachers, who at a very young age became aware of our energetic connections to the Universe and our natural ability to be a guide to others. We use our love of healing and personal development to bring enlightenment to every person attending our services and workshops. As Wellness Coaches, we educate health conscious individuals on the importance of informed decision making in our everyday lives. Our love of energy healing and dance brought about the creation of Spirit Motion, which is a freeing experience for all. Anna is also a Licensed Massage Therapist in Maine.

Together, we provide a valuable service to the community and people from all walks of life. Our desire is that through our group discussions, all that attend will feel enriched and depart with a lasting feeling of fulfillment. We are excited to be learning from you, as we feel that though we may initiate the discussions, we are not the experts, as we are all students of life.

Essential Nature is a non-profit organization. Our services are held in "the house on the hill" at 87 Hansonville Rd in Gonic. All are welcome to attend, so bring your friends and family for a fellowship that keeps you coming back for more...