I trust my essential nature. I let go of all polarities, and I live in the indivisible oneness of the Tao, Goodness and Godness are one, and I trust who I am, a child of The Source

Spirit Motion - Discovering the Art of Expressive Movement

The Spirit Motion Workshop is a special session designed to combine the energizing benefits of expressive movement with the healing energies of the Universe by working with the chakras. Unchoreographed dances are set to the elements, such as fire, air, etc. for a magnifying experience that will keep you coming back for more. No dance experience is required. Education on the chakras is provided to assist in your understanding of how to open your channels of self expression through movement. Once you have the personal mindset of oneness, you will feel the energy moving you in a natural manner that will bring you the fulfillment you desire. Attendees may experience a surge in their healing energies, so some may feel that being Reiki attuned enhances their self expression..

Spirit Motion is a 4-6 hour session depending upon class size, so healthful snacks and beverages are provided. No rain date is scheduled, as we encourage you to bring a change of clothes for after experiencing this freeing dance in the beautiful setting of rain (temperature permitting).  It is something you will always remember... and through remembering, you can share it with friends!