I trust my essential nature. I let go of all polarities, and I live in the indivisible oneness of the Tao, Goodness and Godness are one, and I trust who I am, a child of The Source


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Self Improvement

Spirit Motion ~ Discovering the Art of Expressive Movement - Free your spirit through movement of body and stillness of mind. Through self expressive movement and visual imagery, we will lead you through an experience like none you've ever had before. Close your eyes and imagine ribbons of vivid color elevating you; moving you to the tranquil sounds of nature. Come as you are... leave feeling renewed. Experience this guided journey in a fun and relaxed group setting. All age groups are encouraged to attend.

Love the Life You Live - Using the principles of positive forward thoughts, we discuss how the things we think about affect our daily lives. Harness the power of this understanding to create a fulfilling life. 

Vision Board Workshop - You've heard the secret about this valuable focus tool, now get together with like-minded individuals to create your own. Using clip art, magazines and photographs, you'll leave with your own board and a solid understanding of how to use it.

Your Healing Hands: Learn an alternate energy modality beyond Reiki.  This informative session will help you to feel your energy like never before.

Tension Therapy: This is a 15 minute treatment that will help rebalance your energy to experience relief from head tension.  This can be effective for those who suffer from migraines, but in no way is it intended to cure any form of head pain.  It simply helps you ease into a relaxation state that may help your body release its tension. 

Breathe for Life: The importance of breath and how to do it effectively.

The Power of Gratitude: Take a trip through the realms of gratitude and learn how to harness the power of thankfulness.

Why Organic?: Learn why so many people are moving towards organic produce and other similar items. 

Gluten Free Baking: Learn how to replace common baking ingredients for gluten free alternatives to yield delicious baked goods your family and friends will love!

Sprouting for Life: Learn how to sprout for vitality while saving money on your grocery budget.

Shopping Naturally: Trying to incorporate more organic and natural foods into your shopping habits but don't know how to do it affordably? This workshop can help you to understand the shopping difference that will help you to make better selections that matter most for you and your family.

Reiki Attunements*

Reiki I - Learn the history, ethics and principles of Reiki in this Practitioner I training; includes attunement, certificate and manual.

Reiki II - Expand your Reiki knowledge and abilities with this Practitioner II training that includes distance healing, attunement, certificate and manual.

Reiki Master - Once you realize the value and love of Reiki, you will undoubtedly want to expand your outreach to others. This calling is what moves Reiki Practitioners towards their Mastership. Experience this memorable training affordably.

*Reiki treatments available upon request. Please send an email to schedule. Open donations accepted for this service.

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