I trust my essential nature. I let go of all polarities, and I live in the indivisible oneness of the Tao, Goodness and Godness are one, and I trust who I am, a child of The Source

Spiritual Fellowship

our homeJoin our Saturday afternoon service for an experience that will enlighten your soul! Our Spiritual Fellowship offers a non-religious, personal enrichment and spiritually centered service where each person can share, learn and grow as individuals in a unified partnership. We believe that our world of divided beliefs has brought us further from where each of us feels true peace within. We all need more peace in our lives as we face challenges of living in a failing society. Living by rigid standards brings about an awareness of good and bad that opens up the door to judgement of ourselves and others. Break the guilt and experience the freedom that you were meant to live. Come feel what it means to be alive as we explore spirituality in a conversational, non-lecturing setting!

Services begin at 11:00AM every Saturday

We are using the book, "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" by Dr. Wayne Dyer for our discussions. If you own a copy, feel free to bring it along. Each week we'll explore a new verse and how to apply it to our daily living. All attendees are invited to share their personal experiences as they embrace the journey of the Tao. Newcomers are invited to come at 2:30 if they wish to review the fundamentals of the Tao Te Ching so you have a better understanding of what we are discussing.