I trust my essential nature. I let go of all polarities, and I live in the indivisible oneness of the Tao, Goodness and Godness are one, and I trust who I am, a child of The Source


Are you a religion?
We have no fundamental religion; rather we embrace all faiths and will use any text that communicates the purity and oneness of living a positive life. There can be no conflict of faith if the message from all is filled with love for our self, our fellow man and The Source upon which all things are created.

Must I follow your beliefs?
Our beliefs are ours, though we feel their open nature can assist any person in fulfilling the commission of love and life that each of us feels drawn to at some point in our journey. You are not required to subscribe to our belief system; we only ask that you have a respect for our views, as we have a respect for your personal beliefs. Discussions are always welcomed and encouraged. We are open to scheduling small group sessions to provide an open communication forum with our parishioners. Let us know if this is something you are in need of and we will let you know the schedule of these events. If at any time you wish to meet privately with one of our pastors, please contact them directly at any time.

Why are services on Sunday afternoon?
We understand that many church goers devoted to their religious faith will want to continue to attend their services. To avoid conflicting with the Sunday morning church goers' schedule, we have scheduled our spiritual fellowship for Sunday afternoons. As the congregation grows, we may expand the number of services to include Friday evenings and on Saturdays. Please let us know any suggestions you may have.

What is a Vitality Workshop?
A Vitality Workshop consists of information that helps you care for your body temple. It includes healthy food options, abdominal breathing for maximum health and more.  The content of this workshop may vary from session to session, so attend often for new information on how you can live healthier!  This workshop is led by Anna who is living proof of what a few life changes can do for the body and the spirit!

What is Reiki?
The definition for the term Reiki ("RAY-kee") is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy. To us, it is the energy that each of us possesses that fuels our life. It can be felt when you are near a person, be it through their warmth or their aura, and often times a "vibe" you feel when meeting someone new. This energy can be transferred from person to person, much like when you cuddle with someone to generate warmth on a cold night. This energy transference can be used to calm, relax, heal and provide rest to the weary soul. We prefer the term "energy healing" over the term Reiki, though we are Usui Reiki Masters.

Do you perform weddings, funeral services, baptisms, etc.?
We do perform weddings and funeral services, however, because we are non-religious, we do not perform baptisms due to their religious connection to Catholicism and Christianity. Since our intent is to compliment your current beliefs, we feel there is no need for us to perform this ceremony by which a person demonstrates their death to themselves and a rebirth in Jesus Christ.