I trust my essential nature. I let go of all polarities, and I live in the indivisible oneness of the Tao, Goodness and Godness are one, and I trust who I am, a child of The Source

What We Believe

We believe in an all-wise, all-powerful, eternal Divine Source.  We understand the use of titles, such as God, Goddess, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Great Spirit and other such deities are all demonstrative of a belief in a higher power.  We believe in focusing on this commonality, rather than focusing on a religious division that separates one from another.  By doing so, we are allowing each individual to live according to their own essential nature.

We believe that we are created in the image of this Divine Source and we have been given the gift of being able to create through the use of our imagination in meditative reflection (prayer).  We believe that although anyone can choose to use this ability to create positive and negative experiences, we understand that our spiritual growth depends upon the wise, generous and loving use of it.

We believe that we experience reality based upon our perceptions; similarly, at any time we choose, we can change those perceptions and thus change our reality. We further believe that we have, as individuals, the innate spiritual power to heal our physical bodies by transforming fear, changing perceptions and beliefs through meditative thought (prayer), having faith in the outcome of this thought and being willing to live these changes authentically.

We believe in the right of everyone to have personal spiritual beliefs. We have no intent of actively converting anyone to our beliefs because each person's beliefs are built on the foundation of experiences, traditions, world religions and spiritual philosophies personal to them. Any change to an individual's belief system that results from attending our fellowship services is solely the decision of the person making that change.

We believe in the power and guidance within dreams, intuition and expanded realities and we courageously trust in the presence of the Divine Source in all aspects of living.

We believe that life is innately good and that our lives align with that good when we actively express our gratitude for it.

We believe that all forms of life emerge from the same Source and make us all one and that separation and isolation is impossible except as a limited perception.

We believe that concepts of heaven and hell originate in the mind through ancient religious influence and only exist according to our belief in them. We believe we can experience peace in the midst of chaos as well as misery in the midst of joy depending upon our choices of perception.

We believe in the importance of healthy emotion as a guide and is communicated to others through our expression of it.

We believe in truthfulness, integrity, humor, courage, and unconditional love as essential ingredients for a full, healthy and spiritually evolving life. We believe in the ongoingness of life and that whether we have multiple lifetimes or just one, the essence of our nature is eternal.

We believe we choose our important life experiences and our conscience is our spiritual guide.  We believe that it is possible that we may have lived other lifetimes prior to our present existence, even and especially if difficult, in order to assist one another in evolving spiritually.

We believe that the Divine Source is directly accessible to all without the need for an intercessor.

We believe in the importance of individuality as a unique expression of the Divine Source. As such, we embrace diversity and equality in all forms whether by race, sexual preference, gender, culture, age, physical or mental challenges, and personal beliefs as long as they do not seek to judge or reject others' beliefs.

We believe that our life's purpose is to discover the Divine Source within and to be everything that we are meant to be as magnificent examples of this Source.

We believe that living a whole life includes caring for our physical bodies for lasting vitality, developing our intellect for personal growth, nurturing our emotions for positive energy and making conscious choices regarding how the material world influences us.  We do this through sound wellness practices that are in harmony with our essential nature.

We believe in actively living these principles and in doing so we become examples of our beliefs.  Join us in discovering and living the essential nature that is unique to each of us.

Trust Essential Nature...